Elyown Privacy Policy :

Elyown cares about our client privacy for this reason. We collect and use personal data only as it might for use to deliver for marketing.
Each data for our client not be share with other client/clients in our server not we share client hosting panel, For this reason we provide new panel for each client. So that the Memory, Disk Space, Database, ... etc not shared.
Client may take his/her Company or Business backup if client do not want to continue his/her Company or Business service. In such condition we give complete backup of database to our client. Client want to inform us 3 days before closing his/her Company or Business Services. And complete backup of data should be given to client within 3-4 working days. Charge apply for Complete data backup. Backup include coding, database, and all types of files including in client projects.
We have the following Technology.

1.Sales and Marketing Executives.

2. Content Writers with SEO Skills.

3. HTML developers with HTML 5 Skills.

4. Graphics designers.

5. PHP Developers, Python Developers.

6. Android Developers.